Dev Environment

The process of setting up UserFrosting so that you can begin work in your local development environment is known as installation. This is a separate process from deployment, when you push your fully developed application to a live server. Please be sure that you understand this distinction before proceeding further! UserFrosting is not like Wordpress, for example, where you can "install" directly to your production server.

Now that we've covered the basic stack and tools requirements, it's time to get a working copy of UserFrosting up and running on your local development environment.

The links below will guide you to the right installation guide for you, which can be a little different depending on your background and current setup.

There are a number of "one-click" installers available, which can set up your machine with a complete web application stack in just a few minutes: XAMPP, MAMP, WampServer, etc. These are not officially supported by UserFrosting and we do not recommend using them. For "one-click" dev environment, we recommend Docker.