Setting up the site language

UserFrosting is translated in a variaty of languages provided by our community. While a default locale will be used for new visitors, each user can choose their prefered language.

The default locale

The site default languages can be set in the config parameters. The site.locales.default contains the locale to use for global, guest users.

For example, to use French as the default locale :

'default' => 'fr_FR',

When returned by the browser, the browser prefered locale will be used as the default locale for guest user.

The available user locales

A user can also use its own language, which he can chose in is profile settings. All available locales the users can choose from are defined in the site.locales.available config.

To remove one locale from the available ones, simply set the unwanted locale to false in your sprinkle config. For example, the following config will only present the English, Spanish and French locale to the user :

    'available' => [
        'en_US' => true,
        'zh_CN' => false,
        'es_ES' => true,
        'ar'    => false,
        'pt_PT' => false,
        'ru_RU' => false,
        'de_DE' => false,
        'fr_FR' => true,
        'tr'    => false,
        'it_IT' => false,
        'th_TH' => false,

Want to add a new locale to UserFrosting? Feel free to contribute on GitHub !