What's new in 5.1

UserFrosting 5.1 focuses on adding PHP 8.3 support, removing PHP 8.1 support, upgrading Laravel, PHPUnit & FontAwesome dependencies and continue improving code quality.

Changed Requirements

UserFrosting 5.1 removes support for PHP version 8.1, which has reached End Of Life as of November 2023 and won't receive security update as of November 2024. PHP version 8.3 is now recommended.

Upgraded Dependencies

  • Update from Laravel 8 to Laravel 10
  • Update from PHPUnit 9 to PHPUnit 10
  • Update from Monolog 2 to Monolog 3
  • Update FontAwesome 5 to FontAwesome 6

Detailed changes

Changes generally applied across UserFrosting includes :

  • Add automated testing against MariaDB #1238 on each sprinkles
  • Complete 100% test coverage & PHPStan Level 8 validation across all default packages

UserFrosting Framework


  • Removed src/Assets (it isn't used as part of UserFrosting 5.0)
  • SprinkleManager is a bit more strict on argument types. Recipe classed must be a class-string. The actual instance of the class will now be rejected (it wasn't a documented feature anyway).


Complete refactoring of Fortress. Mostly enforcing strict types, updating PHPDocs, simplifying code logic and making uses of new PHP features and method. Most classes have been deprecated and replaced by new classes with updated implementation.

In general, instead of passing the schema in the constructor of Adapters, Transformers and Validators class, you pass it directly to theses class methods. This makes it easier to inject the classes as services and reuse the same instance with different schemas.

Check out the updated documentation for more information on new class usage, as well as the upgrade guide.


  • Methods getBool, getString, getInt & getArray now return null if key doesn't exist, to make it on par with parent get method.


  • Messages are now translated at read time (#1156, #811). Messages will be translated when using messages and getAndClearMessages. addMessage now accept the optional placeholders, which will be stored with the alert message. addMessageTranslated is deprecated.
  • Translator is not optional anymore. setTranslator method has been removed.
  • addValidationErrors is deprecated (N.B.: It can't accept the new \UserFrosting\Fortress\Validator\ServerSideValidatorInterface)


  • Two locations cannot have the same name anymore. An InvalidArgumentException will be thrown otherwise. (Ref userfrosting/UserFrosting#1243).
  • [DEPRECATION] Location's getSlug is deprecated (redundant with the name and not really used).

Core sprinkle

Rework of the assets building commands

This change allows new bakery command to update Npm assets, and eventually allows sprinkles to replace webpack with something else (eg. Vite). The new commands are :

  • assets:install : Alias for npm install.
  • assets:update : Alias for npm update.
  • assets:webpack : Alias for npm run dev, npm run build and npm run watch, each used to run Webpack Encore.
  • assets:build : Aggregator command for building assets. Include by default assets:install and assets:webpack. The webpack and build-assets command are now alias of this command. bake also uses this command now. Sub commands can be added to assets:build by listening to AssetsBuildCommandEvent.

tl;dr : Use php bakery assets:build instead of php bakery webpack or php bakery build-assets.

See Assets Chapter and Bakery commands for more details.

Loggers changes

The different loggers now implement their own interface, for more flexibility with dependency injection. Debuggers should now be injected using their interface, instead of their class name.

Class name Interface
DebugLogger DebugLoggerInterface
ErrorLogger ErrorLoggerInterface
MailLogger MailLoggerInterface
QueryLogger QueryLoggerInterface
UserActivityLogger UserActivityLoggerInterface

Behind the scene, each interface extends Psr\Log\LoggerInterface. Plus, instead of extending Monolog\Logger, each loggers now wraps Monolog\Logger. This makes the loggers decoupled from Monolog implementation, in favor of the PSR implementation, making it easier to replace Monolog if required.

Finally, UserActivityLogger used to define some constants. These have been moved to UserActivityTypes enum.

New bakery commands

  • serve : Run the php built-in web server to test your application
  • debug:twig : List all twig namespaces to help debugging

New Twig Function

Any configuration values can now be accessed in Twig using the config helper function. Before, only site subarray were available in Twig. Use this carefully, as sensitive information (ie. passwords) could be stored in config !

Misc changes

  • Session database model now implements
  • UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Core\Database\Models\Interfaces\SessionModelInterface;
  • Use our own RouterParser, wrapped around Slim's RouteParser. Allows to add 'fallback' routes when names routes are not found.

Account sprinkle

Missing permissions slugs were missing from the original seed, and thus from to the database (#1225). See the next page for more information on this.

Admin Sprinkle

No significant changes.

AdminLTE theme

Add fallback routes when 'index' is not defined (Fix #1244)

Complete change Log

See the changelog of each component for the complete list of changes included in this release.


Now that we've cover the basics changes, follow on to the next pages to the steps required to bring your app up to date with UserFrosting 5.1.