Coming up next

UserFrosting 5.2

The main focus of UserFrosting 5.2 will be :

  • Update locales (translations), move them to their custom sprinkle
  • Improve Docker support
  • Add Redis/Memecache session driver
  • (Maybe) Update Laravel to version 11
  • (Maybe) Require PHP 8.2 minimum
  • Etc.

No release date has been determined right now. If you would like to give a hand, don't hesitate to contribute by sending a Pull Request on GitHub, or getting in touch on the Chat.

UserFrosting 6

Meanwhile, work for UserFrosting 6 is moving along! As a reminder, UF6 goal is to completely rewrite the frontend, with a brand new custom theme replacing AdminLTE and based on UIKit. Handlebar and every frontend javascript code will also be replaced with Vue.js.

You can find a proof of concept of this new Vue.js based UI (built with UF5) and the foundation of the new theme, Pink Cupcake, at the links below.