The Framework

The UserFrosting Framework contains the critical services required for UserFrosting to work. This is the only part of UserFrosting that is not considered a sprinkle. The reason for it not being considered a sprinkle is simple : the Framework contains the code required for the Sprinkle system to work. If it was a sprinkle itself, we'd be in a loop!

Aside from managing sprinkles (through the cleverly named SprinkleManager), the Framework is responsible for setting up the Slim/Symfony Console application and initiating the PHP-DI container.

Shared Usage

The UserFrosting Framework also contains some parts that are not tied directly to UserFrosting. These parts could be used outside of UserFrosting, in a completely separate application.

The documentation for each part is embedded in the next chapters, but you can still see each part's documentation on it's own :

  • Cache : Wrapper function for Laravel cache system for easier integration of the cache system in standalone projects.
  • Config : Configuration files aggregator
  • Fortress : A schema-driven system for elegant whitelisting, transformation and validation of user input, on both the client and server sides, from a unified set of rules.
  • i81n : The I18n module handles translation tasks.
  • Session : PHP Session wrapper
  • UniformResourceLocator : The Uniform Resource Locator module handles resource aggregation and stream wrapper