Supporting UserFrosting

Financial support

UserFrosting is completely free and open source, and licensed under the MIT License.

That being said, yes, we'll take your money!

Your financial contribution will help keep our chat and demo servers going. And, who knows? Maybe enough people will donate and Alex can make UserFrosting his full-time job ;-)

The easiest way to contribute financially is through our Pledgie campaign. Suggested donations are as follows:

  • Personal use: $10
  • Local nonprofit use (e.g. local chapters of Scouts, Elk Lodge, etc): $30
  • National nonprofit, municipal, and business use: $100

We can also accept donations via bitcoin: 18Ew1xGy1E3kjH1UyPEgJ3nnDN3ZWUY1N1

Contributing time

Our chat room can get very busy! We have users from all over the world, looking for help 24/7. Although Alex tends to spend nearly every waking minute on his computer, he (and the majority of the other main developers, who mostly live in the UTC-4 timezone) do need to sleep, eat, and work from time to time.

If you feel like you've gotten a handle on UserFrosting, it would be extremely helpful if you can simply keep a browser tab open to our chat room, and help out other users when you have a chance.

Contributing code and content

Yes, we welcome pull requests! Based on your level of skill and background, you might consider contributing to any of the following:

  • Language translations
  • Implementing feature requests
  • Fixing bugs

Don't start working on a new feature until you've discussed it with a member of the dev team in chat first. It's always a tragedy when someone spends a lot of time working on a feature, only to have their pull request rejected because their code doesn't fit the technical requirements and/or general vision for UF's future.

Requirements are as follows:

Style and Coding Standards

Please make sure any PHP code conforms to the PSR. CSS and HTML should adhere to the Code Guide.

Git Flow

When making a pull request for a bug fix or translation pack, set your "base branch" to the hotfix-development branch. Accepted pull requests will be merged into master in batches with a new hotfix number as needed. This will allow us to keep track of which version number every change belongs to, which is useful when tracking down other users' issues.

Change Log

When submitting code, make sure to add feature/major changes to and all changes to

Since UF4 is fully modular and extendable, additional features might be best implemented as a new Sprinkle rather than being added to the core UserFrosting project. Join us in chat to discuss an appropriate development plan for your feature.