Twig Filters and Functions


You can perform permission checks in your Twig templates using the checkAccess helper function. This is useful when you want to render a portion of a page's content conditioned on whether or not a user has a certain permission. For example, this can be used to hide a navigation menu item for pages that the current user does not have access to:

{% if checkAccess('uri_users') %}
    <a href="{{site.uri.public}}/users"><i class="fa fa-user fa-fw"></i> {{ translate("USER", 2) }}</a>
{% endif %}



{{ translate("ACCOUNT_USER_CHAR_LIMIT", {min: 4, max: 200}) }}


You can use path_for in your Twig templates to get the URL for a named route. This Twig function is simply mapped to the Slim router pathFor(string $name, array $data, array $queryParams) instance method.

    <a href="{{ path_for('awesome-owls' )}}">Owls</a>

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