Adding the page to the menu

Now that we have our page, it's time to add it to the sidebar menu. To do so, we will extend the default menu template.

Create a new template file located in templates/navigation/ and call it sidebar-menu.html.twig, so that it can replace the original sidebar menu template file:


{% extends "@admin-sprinkle/navigation/sidebar-menu.html.twig" %}

{% block navigation %}
    {{ parent() }}
        <a href="{{ urlFor('pastries') }}"><i class="fas fa-utensils fa-fw"></i> <span>List of Pastries</span></a>
{% endblock %}

The first key part here is the {% extends '@admin-sprinkle/navigation/sidebar-menu.html.twig' %} line. While our new template overrides the version in the admin sprinkle, we tell our file to use the template from the admin sprinkle as a base. We can then use Twig inheritance to add our new link to the navigation block. See the Extending Templates and Menus recipe for more information about this.

The second key part is {{ urlFor('pastries') }}. This uses UserFrosting custom urlFor twig function to generate the appropriate route. The 'pastries' string is a reference to the name of the route we defined earlier.

You should now see the new link in the menu:

Pastries menu link