Quick Start Guide

    UserFrosting is a free, open-source jumping-off point for building user-centered web applications with PHP and Javascript. It comes with a sleek, modern interface, basic user account features, and an administrative user management system - all fully functioning out of the box.

    This quick start guide is aimed at experienced PHP developers who already have a development environment set up. If that's not your case, head over to the First Chapter to start your journey.

    This is the documentation for UserFrosting 5. If you are looking for documentation for UserFrosting 4, click here.


    Using Docker? Check out the Docker Documentation to install UserFrosting through it's native Docker integration.

    UserFrosting has a few system requirements. You need to make sure your local UserFrosting development environment meets the following requirements:

    Installing UserFrosting

    Use Composer to create an empty project with the latest version of UserFrosting skeleton into a new UserFrosting folder. This will clone the skeleton repository and run the installation process.

    composer create-project userfrosting/userfrosting UserFrosting "^5.0"

    During installation, you can choose sqlite as database provider if you don't have a database provider available.

    If any dependencies are not met, an error will occur. Simply try again after fixing said error, or manually run composer install and php bakery bake from the install directory. For more information about the bake command, head to the Bakery CLI chapter.

    At this point you can run locally using the PHP Server :

    php -S localhost:8080 -t public

    You can now access UserFrosting at : http://localhost:8080

    Visit your website

    At this point, you should be able to access your application. You should see a basic page:

    Basic front page of a UserFrosting installation

    What's next...

    For more detailed information about installing UserFrosting, or if you need help with the basic setup requirements, check out the Installation Chapter. Otherwise, head over to the Sprinkles Chapter.