Default Services

As mentioned in the last section, each sprinkle can set up its own services through service providers. The bundled sprinkles set up many services that are essential to UserFrosting's functionality. These services can be found in the src/ServicesProvider/ subdirectories in each Sprinkle's directory.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, since Autowiring is also used throughout the source code to inject other types of classes pretty much everywhere.

This is a short list of the most important services defined in each sprinkle. The fully qualified class names are used, so you can easily inject them in your controller or other classes.

Third party services are also used directly throughout the code. They can be injected using their original fully qualified class name, while still being configured in a sprinkle.

Core Sprinkle Services & Framework Services


This service handles the alert message stream, sometimes known as "flash messages". (See Chapter 18 for more information.)

Illuminate\Cache\Repository as Cache

Creates an instance of a Laravel Cache. See Chapter 17 for more information.


Constructs a Config object, which processes and provides a merged repository for configuration files across all loaded sprinkles. Additionally, it imports Dotenv to allow automatically loading environment variables from .env file.

The config service also builds the site.uri.public config variable from the component values specified in the configuration.


Constructs the CSRF Guard middleware, which mitigates cross-site request forgery attacks on your users. See Chapter 2 for more information on security features.


Creates an instance of Migrator, which runs your database migrations.


Monolog Logger object for sending debug print statements and data to logs/debug.log. Can also be accessed via the Debug facade.


Monolog Logger object for sending non-fatal error information from custom error handlers to logs/userfrosting.log.


Monolog Logger object for sending detailed SMTP mail server information from the mailer service to logs/userfrosting.log. Mail logging will only occur if debug.smtp is set to true.


Monolog Logger object for logging successfully completed database queries to logs/userfrosting.log.


Creates an instance of Mailer, which serves as a UF-compatible wrapper for a PHPMailer object. See Chapter 14 for more information.


Creates a Throttler object, which handles request throttling for different routes. This service will automatically register any throttling rules defined in the throttles key of your configuration.


See Chapter 8 for more information about defining routes, and the Slim Documentation on how to use the Route Parser.


Sets up UserFrosting's Session object, which serves as a wrapper for the $_SESSION superglobal. Session will use file- or database-based storage for sessions, depending on your configuration setting for session.handler. Session handlers are provided by Laravel's session handlers, which implement PHP's SessionHandlerInterface.

Please note that when using file-based sessions, UserFrosting places sessions in its own /app/sessions directory instead of PHP's default session directory.

Use UserFrosting's Session service instead of PHP's $_SESSION superglobal in your code for proper functionality.


Sets up the Twig View object, which is implemented by the Slim Twig-View project. Turns on caching and/or debugging depending on the settings for cache.twig and debug.twig, respectively. Also registers the UserFrosting's CoreExtension extension (UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Core\Twig\CoreExtension), which provides some additional functions, filters, and global variables for UserFrosting.

See Templating with Twig for more information about Twig and the custom functions, filters, and variables that UserFrosting defines.


Sets up the Translator object (UserFrosting\I18n\Translator) for translation, localization, and internationalization of your site's contents. See Chapter 17 for more information.


An instance of our own Uniform Resource Locator class, which provides a unified method of accessing Sprinkle entities via streams.

See Chapter 18 for more information.


The SprinkleManager can be used to get a list of all sprinkles currently loaded, get the main sprinkle, test if a sprinkle is available, etc.

Account Sprinkle Services


Creates an instance of Authenticator, which handles user authentication and logins. See Chapter 10 for more information.


The AuthGuard middleware, which is bound to routes which require authentication to access ("protected routes"). See Chapter 10 for more information.


The GuestGuard middleware, which is bound to routes that require a guest (non logged-in user). See Chapter 10 for more information.


Monolog Logger object for logging detailed information about access control checks. See Chapter 10 for more information about access control. Note that access control checks will only be logged if debug.auth is set to true in the configuration.


Associated Interface : UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Account\Authorize\AuthorizationManagerInterface

Creates an instance of AuthorizationManager, which handles access control checks via the checkAccess method. This service also defines several default access condition callbacks. More information, and a complete list of default access condition callbacks, can be found in Chapter 10.


Creates an instance of Hasher, which handles password hashing and validation.


Sets up a Monolog Logger object, which uses UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Account\Log\UserActivityDatabaseHandler and UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Account\Log\UserActivityProcessor to allow logging of user activities to the activities database table. Monolog makes it easy to swap to other storage solutions such as Redis or Elastic Search.