4.5.x to 4.6.x

As of 4.6.3, site.uri.public must be explicitly set in your production configuration to avoid security issues. If not set, some links and emails will not work properly. See Going Live for more info.


UserFrosting 4.6 focuses on adding PHP 8 support and upgrading Laravel dependencies. Individual UserFrositng supporting repository are also now available inside userfrosting/framework.

Changed PHP Requirements

UserFrosting 4.6.0 add support for PHP 8 and remove support for PHP version 7.2. Support for PHP 7.2 was deprecated in 4.5.0 as it had reached End Of Life. PHP version 8.0 is now recommended.

Upgraded Dependencies

  • Upgrade all Laravel packages to ^8.x from ^5.8.
  • Upgrade vlucas/phpdotenvto ^5.3 from ^3.4.
  • Upgrade symfony/console to ^5.1 from ^4.3.
  • Upgrade phpunit/phpunit to ^9.5

UserFrosting Framework

The following individual UserFrosting supporting repository have been replaced with a monolitic userfrosting/framework repository. The usage and namespaces remains the same, so it shoudn't change anything for your Sprinkles.

  • userfrosting/Assets
  • userfrosting/Cache
  • userfrosting/Config
  • userfrosting/Fortress
  • userfrosting/i18n
  • userfrosting/Session
  • userfrosting/Support
  • userfrosting/UniformResouceLocator

Support for built-in PHP Server

Built-in PHP Server can now be used for developement purposes, as long as assets are present (if node is installed locally) and a database available (sqlite file can be used for this). Run the following command in terminal to start localhost web server :

php -S localhost:8888 -t public public/index.php

UserFrosting will be available at http://localhost:8888.

Per user theme disabled by default

Per user theme, using the $user->theme database field, is now deprecated and disabled by default to increase performances. To enable back, change per_user_theme config to true (See #1131). This feature will be removed in future version.

Other Misc Changes & Fixes

  • Bakery command execute method now requires to return an int (Symfony 4.4 upgrade : https://symfony.com/blog/new-in-symfony-4-4-console-improvements).
  • UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Core\Database\EloquentBuilder now uses Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Concerns\QueriesRelationships Trait instead of manually implementing withSum, withAvg, withMin, withMax & withAggregate. See Laravel documentation for usage change.

Complete change Log

See the Changelog for the complete list of changes included in this release.

Upgrading to 4.6.x

Upgrading UserFrosting to 4.6.x is as simple as getting the new files and updating dependencies, migrations and assets! If you first installed UserFrosting using git, a simple git pull or git pull upstream master. Once you have the new files, simply use composer and Bakery to get up to date with everything else:

$ composer update
$ php bakery bake

Migrating your Sprinkles

Dependencies upgrade

While the updated Composer dependencies have all been tested and integrated into the core UF features and code, they may still introduce a conflict in your your own sprinkle. For example, if you sprinkle requires an additional Composer requirement not compatible with the new dependencies, you may need to update your sprinkle composer.json requirements to newer version.

Changes in the dependencies might also introduce unexpected behavior or errors in your sprinkle, even if you're not referencing directly. For example, changes introduced between the old Eloquent version (5.8) and the new version now bundled with UserFrosting (8.x) might break your database queries for some edge cases. Checkout the list of updated dependencies and their respective changelog.

Custom bakery command

To comply with changes in Symfony 4.4, all custom bakery command (the execute method) are now required to return an integer value. A 0 exit status means that the command run successfully and any other number means some error. See here for more information.