4.3.x to 4.4.x


UserFrosting 4.4 focuses on rewriting the Translator service and locale improvements.

Key new features

Translator & Locale service

The translator has been completely rewritten, focusing on optimization and better usability. All locales can now defines metadata and configuration options in a required locale.yaml file. The current locale identifier (ie. en_US or fr_FR) can now be accessed from Twig template using the currentLocale global variable.

A new Locale service is now available. It provides a list of available locales in diffeent form.

Finally, three new locale focused Bakery command are now available:

Services Provider

Services providers can now be defined in different files and semi-autoloaded for easier testing. See detailed document page for more info.

Misc changes & fixes

  • New cli service. Returns true if current app is a CLI envrionement, false otherwise.
  • Improved Docker support (#1057).
  • Improved Bakery debug command output.
  • Updated Vagrant config and documentation.
  • pt_Br locale identifier renamed to pt_BR.
  • Fixed a bug where withTrashed in findUnique was not available when SoftDeletes trait is not included in a model.
  • CSRF global middleware is not loaded anymore if in a CLI envrionement. This will avoid sessions to be created for bakery and tests by default.

Breaking changes

Major (likely to break your project)

  • Interop\Container\ContainerInterface has been replaced with Psr\Container\ContainerInterface.
  • \UserFrosting\I18n\MessageTranslator is now \UserFrosting\I18n\Translator.

Minor (should only break heavily customized projects)

  • localePathBuilder service has been removed. Tasks that used to be handled by this service are now handled by the locale and translator services.
  • site.locales.available config now accept (string) identifier => (bool) enabled. Set identifier to false or null to remove it from the list.
  • Updated PHPUnit to 8.5 for PHP 7.2+ (PHPUnit 7.5 is still used for PHP 7.1)

PHP 7.1 Deprecation

As of UserFrosting 4.4.0, support for PHP version 7.1 is officially deprecated as it has reached End Of Life. Support for PHP 7.1 will be removed in the next major version. PHP version 7.3 or higher is now recommended as official PHP 7.2 support will end in december 2020.

Complete change Log

See the Changelog for the complete list of changes included in this release.

Upgrading to 4.4.x

Upgrading UserFrosting to 4.4.x is as simple as getting the new files and updating dependencies, migrations and assets! If you first installed UserFrosting using git, a simple git pull or git pull upstream master. Once you have the new files, simply use composer and Bakery to get up to date with everything else:

$ composer update
$ php bakery bake

Migrating your Sprinkles

Container interface

Search for use Interop\Container\ContainerInterface; and replace all instances with use Psr\Container\ContainerInterface;.

You can alternatively require container-interop/container-interop in your sprinkle composer.json to quickly reenable Interop container interface. However, since container-interop/container-interop is now deprecated, using Psr container is preferable.

The default locale

Previous version of Userfrostin allowed to define a "fallback" locale as the default one. For example:

'default' => 'en_US,fr_FR',

This meant the French language would be loaded first and if the requested key doesn't exist in French, it will try to use the English one instead.

Starting with 4.4.0, the fallback locale is now defined in the locale metadata. The default locale in your configuration file should be update to use a specific locale instead :

'default' => 'fr_FR',

If this setting is not updated, you will get a similar error message : The repository file 'locale://en_US,fr_FR/locale.yaml' could not be found.

Available locales configuration

The old configuration for available locale used to be an identifier => name key/value pair :

'available' => [
    'en_US' => 'English',
    'zh_CN' => '中文',
    'es_ES' => null', // Use null to disable locale

The new configuration are now an identifier => (bool) enabled key/value pair :

'available' => [
    'en_US' => true,
    'zh_CN' => true,
    'es_ES' => false, // False to disable locale

While both are compatible with eachother, it is now recommended all sprinkle be update to the new format. The locale name defined in the configuration will is not used anymore as it as been replaced by the locale config.

Locale upgrade

Custom locales (those not bundled by default with UserFrosting) needs to be updated with a new locale.yaml file. See Custom locale for more information..

MessageTranslator => Translator

Search for UserFrosting\I18n\MessageTranslator and replace all instances with UserFrosting\I18n\Translator. The translate method in Translator and MessageTranslator are compatible with each other.


If your sprinkle has PHPUnit tests, you may need to update them. The methods listed below now have a void return type declaration:

  • PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::setUp()
  • PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::tearDown()

Your implementations of the methods listed above now must be declared void, too, otherwise you will get a compiler error.

public function setUp(): void

    // Do stuff
    // ...

public function tearDown(): void

    // Do stuff
    // ...

See PHPUnit 8 Announcement page for more details.